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servicesThe National Council Repatriation Center of LA is an organization dealing with repatriation in the United States of America among other countries. Repatriation is the process of bringing back citizens of a certain country back to their countries from foreign countries due to various reasons. These people may be returned due to disease outbreaks, poverty or even threat of war. They can also be repatriated due to the inability to access available life sustaining resources in meeting their various needs.

Repatriation is a safety measure of a country safeguarding its citizens and ensuring they don’t suffer despite the circumstances at hand. The National Council Repatriation Center is part of the state with an administration body governing it and overseeing its operations. This council guarantees financial and medical support to repatriates subject to certain terms and conditions.

Citizens of the United States of America who live in the diaspora should not hesitate from contacting the embassy in case of an emergency or calamity after which they will be treated as repatriates and thereby get necessary assistance. Each and every citizen has a right to these privileges despite their race, gender or age.

The National Council Repatriation Center of LA has dedicated its mission and vision towards a comfortable living of American citizens in the diaspora. The state at large has a strict law regarding the treatment of repatriates and they should not be treated any differently from a common citizen.

Before receiving any service, the repatriate should sign a HHS repayment agreement piece of sheet acknowledging the State Repatriation Program loan. The repatriates in the United States of America can apply for a deferral of the loans by visiting certain State offices and filling of certain forms involved subject to various assessment activities.

Our duty is to ensure each and every citizen enjoys being an American citizen.